Design Notes

  • What is Graphic Design
    • Design elements are the basic units of a visual image
    • The principles of design govern the relationships of the elements used and organize the composition as a whole
    • All imagery, art, design and photography alike, are comprised of elements that can be broken down and analyzed. This goes for web design as well.


  • Design Elements
    • Space
      • Can exist in two or three dimensions
      • It can refer to a positive space or a negative one
      • Can also refer to foreground mid or background elements
    • Line
      • A basic element, it can vary in thickness, texture, and direction
    • Color
      • Draws eyes to certain areas
      • Can have different connotations
    • Shape
      • 3 types
        • Geometric
        • Natural
        • Abstract
    • Texture
      • Can be implied or real
    • Value
      • light and dark parts of an image that give it depth
    • Balance
      • Can be symmetrical and asymmetrical
      • Visual weight of an image
      • Main parts should be balanced


  • Design Principles
    • Unity
      • Creates a sense of order, a consistency in size and shape.
      • Proximity can create a sense of unity, it can also show a lack of unity
    • Variety
      • When you have elements that are repeating but not the same
    • Repetition
      • Repeating elements to enhance the meaning of an image
    • Harmony
      • Use of similar elements to create an uncomplicated look or the sense that things are in the right place
    • Proximity
      • Physical placement of the elements
      • Used to convey relation, importance or hierarchy
    • Proportion
      • Golden Ratio
    • Functionality
      • Want design to serve a function
    • Emphasis (Focal Point)
      • Can use color, positioning, proximity or others to create emphasis

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