Typography Notes



  • Legibility
    • Choose classical time-tested typefaces
  • Serif vs Sans Serif
    • Serif reads best at smaller sizes, can be complementary
    • User Sans Serif for bigger text (headlines)
  • Font Variance
    • To many confuse the reader
    • Pick 2 fonts at most to use (1 serif + 1 sans serif)
  • Definition
    • Fonts that are too similar cause ambiguity
    • Should be complementary
  • Readability
    • Use upper and lower case letters for optimum clarity
  • Alignment
    • Left alignment reads easiest, consider eye flow as it moves down a page
  • Emphasis
    • Use these tools with discretion and without disturbing eye flow
      • Italics
      • Bold
      • Size
      • Color
      • Typestyle Change
  • Integrity
    • Avoid stretching or distorting type
    • Arbitrarily distorting fonts compromises their integrity
  • Weight
    • Strive for a sense of balance
  • The Mac is not a typewriter-pay attention to:
    • Kerning
      • Letter spacing
    • Tracking
      • Overall spacing
  • Large Text Blocks: Rags
    • Even out the right side of the block

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