Logo Notes

  • What is a Brand?
    • Brand is the “perceived” emotional corporate image as a whole, it is the reputation both claimed and perceived
  • What is Branding?
    • An organization’s brand or branding is essentially their public image
    • A designer can create the framework for a brand, colors, fonts, artwork, style… but the audience completes the brand through an emotional reaction with it
  • Branding Example
    • Apple is an IT company that projects a humanist image, positive corporate ethics and support of good causes
    • When people use the products they connect to the brand emotionally
  • What is Identity?
    • Corporate Identity is comprised of the visual aspects that form the brand
    • Close attention is paid to executing a consistent experience for the viewer
  • What is Identity Design?
    • The corporate identity includes strict usage of colors, font families, graphic elements and other guidelines, usually detailed in a corporate identity guide
    • The identity can include the logo, logo variations, business cards, labels, envelopes, letterhead stationary, advertisements, tv commercials, packaging etc…
  • What is a Logo?
    • A logo is for identification
    • A logo is the simplest way a company or organization can represent itself, through the use of a mark or icon
  • Why Vector Art?
    • We create logos as vector art because it is flexible, powerful and easily edited, this is important when clients want to make changes.
    • Vector art can be scaled up infinitely without losing quality!
  • Pencil to Vector
    • Creating a logo design requires many phases
    • Many meetings and review sessions are required to arrive at a design that works
    • Converting a simple pencil sketch to vector art requires establishing graphic style, color, line shape and typography
  • Final Art: Graphic Style
    • Deciding what your “graphic style” will be
    • Will it be bold, simple and cute? Or sleek, technical and sedate?
    • There is a wide range of styles to choose
    • Choose what fits your concept and market
  • Final Art: Line Quality
    • Line Quality refers to the smoothness and precise nature of your lines
    • We use the Pen Tool to create perfect smooth lines
    • Take your time with this part
  • Color Matters!
    • Color makes a huge difference, use colors that are appropriate for your design
  • Logo Design Rules
    • Describable
    • Effective without color
    • Memorable
    • Scalable
    • Appropriate for the brand

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